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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Protection of Personal data
The legal regulations concerning the protection of personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act are complied by BV Penta Projects. The client will always able to view, modify or delete his data. This is possible by logging on our site and by consulting the data shown in the personal section of BV Penta Projects.
BV Penta Projects will record the information provided by the buyer in a file. These data will be used to implement the order and will be kept as long as necessary for the treatment of any complaints arising from the execution of the order . No data will be passed on to third parties, so the privacy of the client cannot be compromised.
Under the new EU law that came into effect in August 2012 in Belgium, we are now obliged to inform you that we use cookies on this website . After accepting, you can still change these cookies in the settings of your browser.